Monday, 28 November 2011

DNN Nivo Slider 11.5 (W3C Markup Validated) Module

The DNN Nivo Slider is a light weight image slider that can be used to highlight products or services on your site. This module is based on NivoSlider. This will allow you to upload images and show them as Nivo Slider. You can customize the slider options from the module settings page.
DNN Nivo Slider 11.5

New in DNN Nivo Slider 5.0

  • Fixed the issue when links are given for all slides.
  • Added a new setting "Stop on Last Slide"
  • Improved the bullets display.
  • Added two new transition effects:
    1. slideInLeft
    2. slideInRight

New in DNN Nivo Slider 6.0

Added five new transition effects:
  1. boxRandom
  2. boxRain
  3. boxRainReverse
  4. boxRainGrow
  5. boxRainGrowReverse
Live Demo of DNN Nivo Slider 11.5


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