Thursday, 29 December 2011

Social Bookmarks v5.0.8 Module for Dnn Websites

Do you want to give your portal users the ability to flag your web site within popular communities such as Digg, MySpace or Facebook? You can make this happen by using the Social Bookmarks module for Dnn. Setup is easy and you can customize the web sites your users link to from within the Social Bookmark  module setup screen.

Social Bookmarks are essentially the collaborative equivalent of storing favorites or bookmarks within a web browser, social bookmarking services (like, Digg, Facebook or Furl) let people store their favorite sites online so that they can access them anytime and anywhere from a variety of different computers or mobile devices.Users can also share their favorite web sites with other internet users, making them a great way to discover new sites or colleagues who share your interests.

URL Control in Social Bookmark Module:

You can setup the social bookmark module to dynamically submit the current page or control the url used to link to social bookmarking sites.  Allows you to direct users to the most appropriate area of your site when linked.

Social Bookmarks v5.0.8 Image
Social Bookmarks v5.0.8 by Sea Star Software (12/28/2011)
Price: $24.99
Give your portal users the ability to bookmark your web site within popular communities such as Digg, MySpace, Linked In, Twitter and Facebook. Over 80 sites to choose from. Setup is easy and you can customize the sites your users link to from within the module more

DNNGo MobileDNN Module for Mobile Users

DNNGo MobileDNN  module specially serves for mobile users. When you install DNNGo MobileDNN on your site, you can add pages and contents like DotNetNuke standard site settings and call other modules of your DotNetNuke site. When mobile users access your website, they will see a more succinct interface. This is just like Android and Iphone mobile interface which is easy to operate.

Features of DNNGo MobileDNN

  • You can add pages and configure parent page as well as changing order of page with the help of DnnGo Mobile Dnn Module
  • You can add functions for pages and call the third-party dotnetnuke modules. Currently, it just provideds HTML Function and we will extend more functions in the future.
  • There's one Mobile Emulator in the backend. You can see interface and effect which you will see by using mobile phones. On "Management Center -> Portal Settings" page, you can change width and height of Mobile Emulator.
  • It can support installing, deleting and exporting themes. There's one DefaultTheme. If you're not satisfied with default theme, you can contact us and ask us to customize new theme specially for you.
  • On "Management Center -> Portal Settings" page, you can change website logo.
  • Added FooterLinks function. 
DNNGo MobileDNN 1.0.2 - Specially serves for mobile users, Accordion Image
DNNGo MobileDNN 1.0.2 - Specially serves for mobile users, Accordion by (12/29/2011)
Price: $79.99
This module specially serves for mobile users. When you install this module on your site, you can add pages and contents like DNN standard site settings and call other modules of your DNN site. When mobile users access your site, they will see a more succinct interface. This is just like Iphone and more

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Custom Form Creator 2.1 Module for DotNetNuke (with ML support)

Custom form Creator is a DotNetNuke Module to create custom or dynamic email forms. You can generate different type of form fields and group them into categories, sort them, Hide/ unhide them according to your choice

Once the form is submitted, you can configure it easily to send out any number of emails that too in different languages.

Each email sent can have a different types of content. The sent data is recorded on server and can be exported to excel/xml easily.

The Custom Form Creator module has a very intuitive User interface that makes it easy to create simple forms with vertical layout. Most of the features in Custom Form are designed to work out of the box.
Custom Form Creator Module comes with flexible features for creating and maintaining forms in multiple languages. For example if you add a drop down field on your form, you can create localized items in the dropdown in each language.

You can optionally configure, the Custom form to be redirected to a different page after a successful submit.

User Defined input fields with Custom Form Creator
You can choose variety of control types for building your forms like ...
  • TextBox (single and multi line)
  • DropdownList
  • ListBox
  • RadioButtonList
  • File Upload Controls (multiple instances on same page)
  • Checkbox
  • CheckBoxList
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Country Dropdown List
  • Country Droupdown List (MultiLanguage)
  • Labels (html supported)
  • Hidden Field
  • Rich TextBox
  • WaterMarkTextBox
  • AutoIncrementField

Customizable Form Layout with Custom Form CreatorUser can easily change back color, fore color, font, width, and alignment etc of the form right from the UI. There is no need to edit CSS files

Manage Email Template with Custom Form CreatorEmails are templatized and you can create them in multiple languages. So for e.g. if a user submits a form in French, then he can receive a thank you email in French only

Custom Form Creator 2.1 (with ML support) by DNNCentric 
Price: $49.95
Use this module to build custom forms easily and quickly. Send emails, attachments, view or export saved data and and post to external database. Create new dynamic and custom forms within minutes. Supports Multilingual Display.All label texts, dropdown content etc will be localized right from the more

Italian Language Pack for Catalook v 6.3.4

This is the Italian language pack for Catalook version 6.3.4 and it contains the following dnn Modules translations.

CATALooKStore 6.3.4 ,CAT_AdvancedCategories 6.3.4 ,CAT_BiddingHistory 6.3.4, CAT_BusinessProfile 6.3.4, CAT_Cart 6.3.4, CAT_Categories 6.3.4, CAT_Communicator 6.3.4, CAT_CustomerAccount 6.3.4,CAT_Customers 6.3.4, CAT_DashBoard 6.3.4, CAT_EmailAdvertisement 6.3.4, CAT_EmailBlockList 6.3.4, CAT_FeedBacks 6.3.4, CAT_ItemPaneNF 6.3.4, CAT_LangSwitcher 6.3.4, CAT_LoyaltyPoints 6.3.4, CAT_MenuNF 6.3.4, CAT_MiniCart 6.3.4
Italian Language Pack for Catalook v. 6.3.4 by OPSI  
Price: $20.00
Italian Language Pack for Catalook more

Dnn Modules Management for DotNetNuke’s Websites

Dnn Modules Management allows you to bulk add new, copy, reference, remove dnn modules from one page to another page(s) within a portal or across portals.

DNN Modules Management is must-have tool for every DNN Administrator for dnn websites.




Feature of Dnn Modules Management

  • Add new, Copy, Reference dnn modules from single page to multiple pages.
  • Remove reference modules from multiple pages.
The Dnn Module Management is Compatible with DNN 5.x, DNN 6.x.
DNN Modules Management by Tan Luong 
Price: $16.00
Bulk Add New, Copy, Reference, Remove reference Modules from page to another pages in Portal or Across more

DNNCentric Multi Language Collection Modules for DotNetNuke

Multi Language collection of DNNCentric modules are here and at "unbelievable" discounted prices. Now you can avail Custom Form Creator, AJAX FAQ & Multi Language Content Editor in a single package at very discounted prices. These DnnCentric modules also come with full upgrade protection.

All these modules of DnnCentric are backed by our dedicated customer service.

DnnCentric Custom Form Creator (with ML support)
Use this DnnCentric module to create custom forms fast and easily. Send emails, attachments, view or export saved data and and post to external database. Create new dynamic and custom forms within minutes. Supports.. read more
DnnCentric JAX FAQ (Multi Language)
Use this DnnCentric module to add Web 2.0 style FAQ feature to your dnn website. Supports Theming. Localize both static and dynamic text. Which means you can present FAQ in different languages on your dnn website. Supports categories.. read more
DnnCentric ML Content Editor with SEO and Version History
DnnCentric MLHtml Module along with content versioning and SEO Titles,description and tags. XHtml Friendly Design. Supports DNN Export/Import and Search. Now available with source version as well... read more
DNNCentric Multi Language Collection - December 2011 
Price: $81.64
Multi Language collection of DNNCentric modules is here and is at discounted prices. Now get Custom Form creator, AJAX FAQ and Multi language Content Editor in one single package at heavily discounted prices. These modules also come with full upgrade more

TanLD Articles DotNetNuke Module for Dnn Websites

TanLD DotNetNuke Articles is a latest publishing module for DotNetNuke 4x, 5.x, 6.x. By using TanLD Articles module, you can easily publish many articles and manage them in similar categories.

In Trial version of TanLD Article module , you can post up to two categories and two articles per category.

TanLD Articles by Tan Luong 
Price: $2.00
This module is enable to post and manage articles in more

Snow Falling Effect Module for DotNetNuke Websites

Adding an animation effect of falling snow with the TanLD Snow Fall dnn module is a quick and simple way to keep your site looking attractive during the holidays for your site’s visitors.

Snow Falling Effect Module supports Dnn versions of 5.x and 6.x



How to Use Snow Falling Effect Module

1. Add module to the your dnn page.
2. Go to Module Settings.
3. Set Flake Count, Min Size, Max Size, Min Speed, Max Speed, Check Active
4. Uncheck Display Container
5. Click Update
Snow Falling effect for DNN Websites by Tan Luong
Price: $1.00
Christmas is coming and you want to decorate your DNN website with snow falling effect. You can do so easily from this more

Monday, 12 December 2011

DNN Twitter Feed Module for DotNetNuke - Search & List Tweets 3.5

DNN Twitter Feed module provides an option to integrate twitter feed with your portals in an easy way.
You can specify the tweet search criteria and this module will do the rest for you. You can control how the feed is displayed from module settings page.


Advanced Business Directory 2.5 Module for DotNetnuke

The Advanced Business Directory is a product based on popular DotNetNuke framework. It can help you to build business directory easily and quickly. The nine modules of the Advanced Business Directory provide friendly user interface and rich features. Below are two cases that use the product.

Restaurant directory: Authorized users can submit restaurants information such as location, contact information, photos and videos. They can also add featured foods for a restaurant. The photos and videos of the food can be added too. Visitors can make reviews on both restaurants and foods. The lists of the most recent restaurants and most popular foods can be show in the front page of the web site.

Link Ball DotNetNuke Module with Features and Price

Features of Link Ball Dnn Module:

  • Smooth animation effect on mouse over
  • Can be used as tag cloud
  • Backend settings (Width, Height, Radius, Speed, Zoom)
  • Style settings (Font size, Font Color, Font Hover Color)
  • Uses jQuery  

Link Ball Image
Link Ball by Tan Luong (12/11/2011)
Price: $7.00
Link Ball is a jQuery based tag cloud module for DNN. It shows a rotating ball of keywords with a smooth animation effect on mouse more

Snap of Link Ball Module

Dnn Mp3 Player Module for DotNetNuke Websites

Dnn Mp3 Module is an mp3 player for dotnetnuke websites. The module is compitable with Dnn 5 and above and uses the framework 3.5.

The price of the Module is $9.99 and can be purchased from snowcovered.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dnn Facebook Fan Box Module

Dnn Facebook Fan Box is a like box dotnetnuke module and it displays the facebook likebox in Dnn websites.You can easily check the status of your friends in your dnn website and user can become the fans with a click with Dnn Facebook Fan Box Module

Friday, 9 December 2011

EasyDnnNews 4.0 Dnn Module for Blog or News Website

EasyDnnNews 4.0 is a dotnetnuke module to publish and manage articles, press releases, stories etc. You can also add pictures easily with EasyDnnNews 4.0. You can use this dnn module for blogs, news websites or you can even run a complex newspaper website.

Pilot ERP Shopping Cart Module for DotNetNuke

Pilot ERP Module for DotNetNuke 
Pilot ERP Shopping Cart is a dotnetnuke module that interfaces directly with Pilot ERP software via ODBC. So, you don’t need any third party database websites because in Pilot ERP, everything is in real-time.



Ramdon Background 2.0.8 Module by AllDnn Modules

Ramdon background Module is used for managing the background and colors of a webpage. With the color picker available in the Ramdon Module, you can easily set a bacground. Your website will be more eye catching and will attract more visitors.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Quick Pictures Gallery Module by Coding Staff

Quick Pictures Gallery is an easy to use module for DotNetNuke by which you can create image galleries with many pictures in a few seconds. You can easily customize Quick Pictures Gallery according to your needs and can give title and descriptions to the pictures. If you import the pictures from a specific folder, the Quick Pictures Gallery Module creates the thumbnails automatically.

Ultra Media Gallery 8.1 Module for DotNetNuke

Ultra Media Gallery 8.1 Ultra Media Gallery is the media management module for dotnetnuke. You can easily create image galleries and photos with the help of Ultra Media Gallery Module. You can even sell your digital products online.

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