Monday, 28 November 2011

Light Box Content 5.0 Module by ZLDNN

Light box content is an easy usage DotNetNuke module to let you show content in pop up light box easily and quickly. Light Box Content supports images, FLV videos, HTML, embed resources such as Youtube video, external URL and modules in the DotNetNuke portal. It uses Light box script that is to overlay content on the current page.
It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. After you install the module into a page, you can not only create a gallery but also can use Light box to display content in other modules such as TEXT/HTML, Article etc.

The Lightbox Content 5.0 can work with DotNetNuke 5.2+ including DotNetNuke 6. It uses C# as program language.
New in Light Box Content 5.0:
  • Support to scan existing images.
  • Support to upload multi images.

Features of Light Box Content:

  • Supports images such as gif, jpg and png.
  • Supports FLV videos. It can show FLV video in light box.
  • Supports HTML. It allows you show HTML content in light box.
  • Supports embed resources such as Youtube video. It allows you show Youtube video in light box.
  • Supports external URL: It allows you to open an External URL in light box.
  • It allows you to show content in light box in HTML of other modules.
  • It can generate HTML code for each item. You can copy the code into HTML of other modules.
  • You can create photo and FLV galleries by using this module.
  • You can add title, description and thumbnail image for each item.
  • It supports template and pagination.
  • Supports DotNetNuke Search.
  • Supports DotNetNuke import/export.
  • Supports Flash files.
Demo of Light Box Content 


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