Sunday, 18 December 2011

Custom Form Creator 2.1 Module for DotNetNuke (with ML support)

Custom form Creator is a DotNetNuke Module to create custom or dynamic email forms. You can generate different type of form fields and group them into categories, sort them, Hide/ unhide them according to your choice

Once the form is submitted, you can configure it easily to send out any number of emails that too in different languages.

Each email sent can have a different types of content. The sent data is recorded on server and can be exported to excel/xml easily.

The Custom Form Creator module has a very intuitive User interface that makes it easy to create simple forms with vertical layout. Most of the features in Custom Form are designed to work out of the box.
Custom Form Creator Module comes with flexible features for creating and maintaining forms in multiple languages. For example if you add a drop down field on your form, you can create localized items in the dropdown in each language.

You can optionally configure, the Custom form to be redirected to a different page after a successful submit.

User Defined input fields with Custom Form Creator
You can choose variety of control types for building your forms like ...
  • TextBox (single and multi line)
  • DropdownList
  • ListBox
  • RadioButtonList
  • File Upload Controls (multiple instances on same page)
  • Checkbox
  • CheckBoxList
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Country Dropdown List
  • Country Droupdown List (MultiLanguage)
  • Labels (html supported)
  • Hidden Field
  • Rich TextBox
  • WaterMarkTextBox
  • AutoIncrementField

Customizable Form Layout with Custom Form CreatorUser can easily change back color, fore color, font, width, and alignment etc of the form right from the UI. There is no need to edit CSS files

Manage Email Template with Custom Form CreatorEmails are templatized and you can create them in multiple languages. So for e.g. if a user submits a form in French, then he can receive a thank you email in French only

Custom Form Creator 2.1 (with ML support) by DNNCentric 
Price: $49.95
Use this module to build custom forms easily and quickly. Send emails, attachments, view or export saved data and and post to external database. Create new dynamic and custom forms within minutes. Supports Multilingual Display.All label texts, dropdown content etc will be localized right from the more

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