Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Appointment Wizard Dnn Module 5.8 Online Schedule System

The Online Schedule System is Excellent for:
Booking appointments (Offices, doctor's office, salons, etc.)
Renting equipment, hotel rooms, cars, etc.
Booking meeting rooms.
Scheduling and prepaying for consulting hours.

With PayPal integration for appointment fees, The Appointment Wizard Schedule System Module is the most complete and cost effective product on the market for Online Appointment Scheduling.

Some Highlighted features of Schedule System:

Allows both unauthenticated and authenticated users to schedule appointments.
Appointments are posted to the certified calendar module of your choice. In addition, the user scheduling the appointment, and the users you select to be notified when an appointment is scheduled, will receive an email notification with an iCalendar attachment to import into any calendar application that supports the iCalendar format(MS Outlook, Windows Mail, and many more).
Choose whether to allow cancelling and rescheduling appointments.
Now with PayPal Website Payments Standard w/ IPN integration (free), users can pay for scheduling and/or rescheduling an appointment using virtually every payment method (Credit Cards, Electronic Checks, etc. -

The Appointment Wizard Module 5.8 w/ PayPal - Online Appointment Scheduling Image
The Appointment Wizard Dnn Module 5.8 w/ PayPal - Online Schedule System by DNN Specialists
Price: $99.00
The Appointment Wizard dnn module is a very flexible, powerful, and user friendly interface online schedule system to allow users to schedule appointments or resources (facilities, etc.) through your site. Free download available! more


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