Monday, 2 January 2012

Dnn Advanced Biz Map 3.9

The version 3.9 can work with DNN 5.2+ including DNN 6.x.

If you want a older version that can work with Dotnetnuke 4.x, please go to the support page of to create a help ticket.

New in version 3.9

SEO friendly. Using map information to fill the SEO fields of Map View page. 
Improvement of icon editor. You can add icons when you edit markers.
Improvement of integration with the Dotnetnuke Core search. The search result of maps and markers can be shown in Map View page.
You can refresh map via JS code in other application by using BM.load().
Bug fixes.
New in version 3.8

Improvement of layer display.
Improvement of marker editor.
Improvement of map editor. 
Use C# as program language.
New in version 3.5

Improvement of map center.
Improvement of the API for developers who want to integrate other module with BizMap.

Features of Advance Biz Map

  Using Google Map API V3. Need not security key.
Manage several maps in one module.
Integrate geo coding to get latitude and longitude by address.
You can add locations into one map.
There can be different locations for different levels.
Support layers. You can add more than one layer on a map. The layers can be traffic overlay, GEO RSS, KML or Google fusion table layer.
You can set description for each location. The description can be shown when the mark is clicked.
It supports map layout template. You can define map layout. It supports to show maps in other modules such as HTML/Text.
It supports direction search, street view, side bar and icon list. You can put those elements into other modules such as HTML/Text.
You can set custom icons.
Data import: It supports data import from CSV file, SQL statement or existing Business Map or Business Map2.
The map list module can show map information in a data list. And each item can be linked to a Map View instance to show the map.
The Marker List module can show information of markers of a map in a data list. Each item can be linked to a Map View instance to show the selected marker.
Export/Import: it implements IPortal interface of DNN core. You can imports map data easily.
Search: it supports DNN core search. The maps and markers can be indexed by DNN core search engine.
“From“ and “To“ tokens from Pop up template.
KML, GEO RSS files upload.
Display multi layers on one map.
Double click the map to change street view.

Advanced Biz Map 3.9 Image
Advanced Biz Map 3.9 by ZLDNN.COM
Price: $49.99
The Advanced Biz Map integrates Google map API V3 into DotNetNuke to provide map service for DotNetNuke web site. The new Google map API V3 officially replaces version 2 of the Google Maps Javascript API. Now you need not the API key that is needed in Google map API V2. The Biz Map includes four more


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