Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Facebook Comments Dnn Module for your website

Would you like to permit Facebook users to comment in your site? Then Facebook Comments is the module you would like.

Would you like to handle the comments, words and users? Then Facebook Comments is the module you would like.

Facebook Comments is a module super easy to setup and you will get it ready to go in only one minute with easy settings and provided its flexibility this module can be used in a number of projects.

It is very simple to obtain Facebook Comments dnn module ready to go, simply include it on the preferred page and edit it.  Once in the edition page you are able to simply adjust it to suit your requirements or leave it by default.

Features of Facebook Comments Dnn Module

This plugin allows users commenting on your site.  It uses social indicators to surface the highest quality comments for every user.

Comments are ordered to show users the appropriate comments from buddies, friends of friends, and also the most liked or active discussion threads, while comments marked as spam are hidden from view.

New Features
 The new features include the administration through user or application, the cellular version and language choice.

DNN Module - Facebook Comments Image
Facebook Comments Dnn Module by STP
Price: $4.00
With this module you can allow Facebook users to comment on your site with several features including administration and moderation, giving to your site a more rich experience. This module is very easy to setup and you can see the results in one more


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