Thursday, 5 January 2012

Live Tabs dnn module for dnn tab Interface

Live Tabs is ultimate tabbed interface solution for DotNetNuke. It can show text/html, modules or combination of them within a tab. You can display text / html, or combination of modules within a tab. Support for multilingual content, integration with Google Analytics, search engine optimized (SEO), W3C Validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional, Theming, Effects, and Client Tab Links and much more...

Features of Live Tabs Module

Content Management
Display Text / HTML and Wrap Modules, Videos, Audio, Content, Flash, Snippets, and Frames.

Google Analytics Integration
Track Individual Tab Clicks with Google Analytics Event Tracking; configures with a click of a button.

Search Engine Optimized
Search engines WILL INDEX all of your tabs content. Live Tabs also passes W3C XHTML 1.0 Validation.

25 Themes are included out of the box and a flexible skinning engine allows you to create infinite more quickly and easily. Presentation is completely driven by CSS.

Includes Fade and Slide effects out of the box. Effects engine is flexible which allows an admin to create their own effects such as Bounce, Drop, Explode, Pulsate, Shake, etc...

Permanent Tab Links (URLs)
Quickly grab the permanent url for each tab which will always bring the user to correct page, correct tab, and even correct position (it will scroll the page if needed to bring the module in view)

Client Tab Links (JavaScript)
Quickly grab the client links for each tab which allows you to switch tabs within the same page from your own links.

Nested Tabs
Show tabs within tabs by simply embedding a Live Tabs module within another Live Tabs module.

DotNetNuke Search Integration
Each tab can be optionally configured to show within DNN Search Results. Search results bring the user to appropriate tab on the module. Our Intelligent Tab Links will not only auto select the correct tab, it will also scroll the page down (if needed) to bring the Live Tabs module in view.

Live Tabs v3.8.6 Image
Live Tabs v3.8.6 by
Price: $59.99
Live Tabs is ultimate tabbed interface solution for DotNetNuke. You can show text/html, modules or combination of them within a tab. Support for Multilingual Content, Google Analytics Integration, Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Theming, Effects, Nested Tabs, DNN Search Integration, and more


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