Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mushroom Image - Flickr Picasa to DNN

Mushroom Image is an easy to use DotNetNuke module that provides a simple way to feed images into your dnn website. The images can be added from a Blog RSS feed (like Wordpress), Flickr, Google Picasa, or from Folders on your website.
Easy to Use.
Easy to Install.
New interface.
RSS Feed.
Folder Feed.
Flickr Feed.
Picasa Feed.
Great Rotator Effects.

About the Module

This module allows you to easily add great looking images to your website, feeding from a number of different types of sources. There are a number of fantastic effects like:

Light Box Effect 
Shutter Effect
Rotator Effect
HTML5 Effect
Light Heads Effect 

Feed Sources

The module feed images from a varioty of feed sources into your DotNetNuke website. The feed Sources include:

RSS FeedTaking images from an RSS Source like a WordPress blog, and feeding the first image of each RSS article into your DNN website.

Flickr FeedFeeding a Flickr image set directly into the module for display on your website.

Google Picasa FeedFeeding images from your Picasa Library into your website.

File System FeedTaking a folder of images from your DotNetNuke website and displaying them into pages of your website with the great loading effects.

Mushroom Image - Flickr Picasa to DNN Image
Mushroom Image - Flickr Picasa to DNN by Interactive Webs
Price: $49.95
Feed images from Flickr, Picasa, Wordpress Blog, DNN Blog, RSS or your DNN folders directly into this great image rotator module. Great jQuery pop-up image rotator more


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