Tuesday, 3 January 2012

OnyakTech Data Viewer DNN Module

OnyakTech Data Viewer DNN Module:  The OnyakTech Data Viewer is a data processing module for DNN that makes it simple to play with the data. Upload, view, sort, group, search, edit and export all of your data from any data source with no trouble.  Just enter your SQL into the Module settings and save. That’s all

Features of OnyakTech Data Viewer

Link Columns: Display Links in your data view from URL's in your Data Source.
Option to show an image for Link Columns
Connect to Any Data Source
Add, Update or Edit your data speedily with inline editing features added to the Data Viewer
Drill-Down Support: Drill down into your data by clicking on any row in the main Data Viewer
Upload Data from CSV or Microsoft Excel file to an existing or new table.
Register new users in your website while importing your data
Export your data to Excel, Word or PDF
Scroll Bar support for viewing large data sources easily on your site
Skins: New skins added making it easy to quickly modify the module to a professional view that matches your skin
Use Tokens, Query String Parameters and Session Variables in your SQL to make it really dynamic.
Set the total records displayed per page by default
Set the color codes for the Drill down Data Grid

OnyakTech Data Viewer 3.1 Image
OnyakTech Data Viewer 3.1 by OnyakTech
Price: $39.95
Play with your Data! Import, Edit, Search, Group, Filter and Export from Any Data Source with Drill Down Support!...read more


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