Tuesday, 17 January 2012

DNN Module - Facebook Subscribe

Do you want to add the Facebook Subscribe Button to your site letting Facebok users to subscribe to the public updates on a Facebook profile? Then this is the module you want.

This is a module very easy to setup and you can get it up and running in just one minute with simple configuration and given its flexibility this module can be used in several projects.

Is very simple to get this module up and running, just include it on the desired page and edit it. Once in the edition page you can just adjust it to fit your needs or leave it by default.


Features of Facebook Subscribe

Subscribe Button
The Subscribe button lets a user subscribe to public updates on Facebook. When the user clicks the Subscribe button on your site, it will be udpated with the public posts from the Facebook profile.

New Features
The new features includes the possibility to switch features like the faces, apply some style to the plugin and also provides language selection.

DNN Module - Facebook Subscribe Image
DNN Module - Facebook Subscribe by STP
Price: $4.00
With this module you can add the Facebook Subscribe plugin to your site letting Facebook users to subscribe to the public updates on a Facebook profile. This module is very easy to setup and you can see the results in one minute. ...read more


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