Tuesday, 17 January 2012

DNNArticle 9.6

DNN Article is not only a powerful module to enable post and manage articles, but also provides total solutions for content management. Content such as articles, news, announcements, product catalogs, etc can be organized into unlimited levels of categories. New content can be moderated before published. The administrator can assign roles as moderator. Also an email can be sent when new content is added. Visitors can make comment and rating. Of course it supports common features of DotNetNuke module such as localization, portable interface, search, Syndication etc.

DNNArticle is an extendable system. There are nine sub modules shipped with DNNArticle standard edition to provide rich and attractive look and feel experiences. There are also several optional sub modules that provide more features. And the number of optional sub modules is growing continually. There are also several applications based on DNNArticle such as DNNArticle Blog and DNNArticle Product.

DNNArticle fully supports template and CSS theme. This feature provides more flexibility for users to build more attractive user interface.

Demo site and showcases

There is a demo site of DNNArticle:   The module is used in http://www.zldnn.com to list our modules.

You can download 15 days trial version and user guide from: http://www.zldnn.com/Download/tabid/233/Default.aspx. The download page is built by using DNNArticle too.

And there are showcases in the showcase page: http://www.zldnn.com/rs/Showcases/tabid/529/Default.aspx

More demos can be found here: http://www.dnnarticle.com/ or http://demo.zldnn.com/dnnarticle

If you use this module, you can add your web site to the showcase page by sending us an email to support@zldnn.com. Please tell us the logo url of your web site, the page that contains the DNNArticle and description of your web site.

DNNArticle 9.6 Image
DNNArticle 9.6 by ZLDNN.COM
Price: $59.99
DNN Article is a powerful module to enable post and manage news, articles, events or other type of content....read more


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