Wednesday, 4 January 2012

PackFlash Video 3.0 Module for Dnn Websites

PackFlash Video Module is easy-to-use dnn module packed with features required to accomplish a professional looking presentation. PackFlash Video dnn module is ideal for supplying a corporate training videos, product demos, web cast recordings, and so on. Ajax tabs and a category browser permits displaying plenty of videos on the same page.  Grouping enables videos to be published to the web site simultaneously like a play list.


Features of PackFlash Video

Flexible templates with regard to lists, detail, categories, and people

Category browser shows all videos at the same time

Integrates with other Constellation modules

Central Admin Dash panel

AJAX tabs list using their own data rules. Powerful  content relationship capabilities

Supports localized content - multilingual

Search engine-optimized

New user interface matches DNN 6+

PackFlash Video 3.0 (Major Upgrade) Image
PackFlash Video 3.0 Module for Dnn by PackFlash
Price: $299.00
PackFlash Video is the only video module that is part of an integrated content suite. All of PackFlash's content modules - News, Events, Video, and Gallery - work together to provide incredible more


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