Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Search Boost Module for DotNetNuke Websites

Search Boost is a DotNetNuke Module that extends search functionalities along together using effective a new one for example document search,  completely customize look or chose 1 from numerous available templates, restrict results to particular sets of modules and so forth. Everything is made easy via powerful Ajax based Management Console.




Features of Search Boost Dnn Module

Document Search
Search Boost dnn Module can index files PDFs,  WORD Documents, etc. A few formats need IFilter packages to be set up.

PDF Search Extension
Download as well as install this extension to enable searching PDF documents when the PDF IFilter isn't installed or otherwise working properly.

Search Engine
Search Boost Dnn Module  includes own search engine that replaces DNN in order to provide more power as well as scalability towards the search solution.  The provider is based on the popular Lucene library.

Ability to Index External Pages
Apart from indexing existing portal content, Search Boost can crawl a list of webpages as well as index all of these in to local index.

Consume Sitemaps and RSS Feeds
If Search Boost dnn module discovers links which are xml sitemaps or even RSS feeds, it uses them to index all webpages they contain.

Custom Search Rules
Search Boost dnn module enables indexing of any table in the database. Set up is created simple with wizard approach.

Faceted Search
Search Items for example documents or even database content can be associated with categories.  Search Boost understands to extract the category list for present result set as well as enables users to filter down results to the category they are thinking about.

Restrict Searches
Search Boost dnn module enables limiting searches to individual modules/tabs/portals - easy to setup through choosing items trees.

Search Boost 2.5 (Document Search, Fuzzy Search, Web Spider, Templates and more) Image
Search Boost 2.5 (Document Search, Fuzzy Search, Web Spider, Templates and more) by DNN Sharp (by Avatar Software)
Price: $129.95
Search Boost is a DNN Component that allows searching documents, custom data from database and target subsets of the portals. It also features XSL template mechanism for input box and search results and lots of other more


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